By People Staff
Updated March 05, 2010 12:00 AM
Credit: Adam Larkey/ABC(2)

Feelings, nothing more than feelings … The king of sad songs kept coming to mind while watching Thursday’s touchy feely episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It was light on the ‘OMG’, but thick with emotions like insecurity, detachment, humiliation, pride, competition, unrequited love, jealousy, denial, hurt and success. –Carrie Bell

SPRING FLINGS: Lexie continued her game of horizontal Hokey-Pokey with Alex despite Meredith and Yang warning her that he is as emotionally stunted as “Meredith three years ago.” She swore it was just sex but they didn’t believe her because her “heart lives in her vagina.” In an attempt to forget about the loss of Lexie and his grandpa plans, Sloane reverted to his promiscuous ways. He also lashed out at Alex. Callie delivered the ultimatum: “Sloane and her baby leaving can either be the best or worst thing to happen. You can grow up, find a woman to love and have a baby or be the ass attending who abuses residents and screws whatever walks into this hospital.” Alex was also on Arizona‘s list thanks to the reveal in the last episode that he’d slept with Callie.

DIVERSION THERAPY: Yang suggested that Hunt try to be Teddy‘s friend and reiterated that she never asked him to stop talking to her, so he made a few awkward approaches to rekindle their BFF status. Tired of noticing Teddy silently pining away, Arizona “The Fixer” Robbins offered to be Teddy’s “awesome friend” and organized a girls’ night out. Yang admitted offhandedly that she “loved Teddy.” Mer warned that, like Lexie, she had “inappropriate feelings for inappropriate .”

GRANDDADDY ISSUES: Meanwhile, Yang’s competitive streak is starting to wear off on her mentor. They performed a risky, never-done-in-the-U.S. lung transplant to impress annual award-giving Harper Avery, a surgical legend who needed a bowel operation and who also happens to be Avery’s grandpa. Avery Jr. had the same inferiority issues that Mer has about her mom. He was in town trying to convince Avery to take the spot at his hospital to study under him. Mer understood what he was feeling about his pig-headed grumpy relative, but she eventually advised him to put those ills aside in order to learn from him, because she’d give anything to have that chance with her mommy dearest.

HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN: It was Richard‘s first day back as a general surgeon and he was ashamed to deliver his mandatory urine test to Derek‘s desk. He requested a low-stress day, but Harper wanted a surgeon whose name and reputation he knew. He also wanted to be awake during the surgery. Der didn’t think that was a good idea but Richard caved and Der allowed it to happen. Harper bossed everyone around during the surgery. It was his inability to let go of the reins that resulted in a complication and a second surgery. This time Der acted like the chief and told off his hero. When Richard got cold feet and wanted a drink, Der wouldn’t let him give up.

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