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October 06, 2017 09:55 AM

Having starred on Melrose Place, Devious Maids and now the Dynasty reboot, Grant Show seemingly lives for the drama — at least on screen.

“I like a serialized drama where it’s about relationships and how that relationship develops,” the actor, 55, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue.

In The CW’s Dynasty, he’ll be reviving the role of Blake Carrington, played by the now-late John Forsythe in the ’80s.

“Blake Carrington is not just your average soap opera character,” Show says. “He’s very complex. He’s a protagonist, but a very flawed protagonist. I was intrigued by that.”

The dad to 3-year-old Eloise (with wife and fellow actress Katherine LaNasa) thinks fans of the original Dynasty will be captivated as well.

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“We are doing a lot of homages to the original, right down to little scenes that are incredibly similar to things that happened in the original,” he explains, adding that the show maintains its soap=opera aura as it moves to prime time. “It’s glamorous. It’s opulent wealth. There’s plenty of backstabbing, broken hearts and cat fights.”

Show even caught up with his former Melrose Place costar, Dynasty alum Heather Locklear, after taking the role.

“She told me what a nice man John Forsythe was,” says Show, adding that they didn’t discuss whether Locklear would be down to return for the remake. “I don’t think either one of us wanted to bring it up. But obviously I would love to work with her again. She’s a fabulous lady.”

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The UCLA grad admits that after leaving his gig with Locklear in 1997, finding a place in Hollywood post-Melrose Place wasn’t exactly easy.

“It was kind of hard to move on,” he confesses. “It felt like I was yesterday’s flavor and I wasn’t going to get through that. And I really did consider trying to find another career. Fortunately, there was nothing else I wanted to do, so I redoubled my efforts to improve my work and just kept going at it.”

All his hard work has paid off, as Show says he “couldn’t be happier” with where his life ended up toady.

“I’ve got a 3-and-a-half year old daughter, a beautiful wife, I’m working [on Dynasty] in lovely Georgia and I have a great group of people that I’m working with,” Show gushes.  “I’m just having the most fun.”

Dynasty premieres Oct. 11 on The CW at 9 p.m. ET.

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