September 15, 2016 10:50 PM

Grace Vanderwaal won $1 million and the title of America’s Got Talent‘s season 11 champion.

Though she previously told PEOPLE that she’ll be giving away some of her cash prize to a music charity, Vanderwaal also wants to splurge on something for herself. She is just 12, after all.

“I want to go on Treehouse Masters and I want to get a treehouse,” the singer/ukuleleist shared with PEOPLE.

And through the power of social media and the internet, Vanderwaal’s wish may be coming true.

The folks at Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters got word of the YouTube sensation, and tweeted a video to Vanderwaal on Thursday.

“Congratulations on your win, you are so amazing! And I’m thrilled to think that you mentioned you wanna have a treehouse built,” said Treehouse Masters host Pete Nelson, who’s built treehouses on the show since 2013.

Adding, “I mean, seriously? Because we could do that! We could be at your house tomorrow – bridges, ziplines, the whole thing. Really, this is so fun, so exciting! Congratulations, and call me!”

Vanderwaal excitedly retweeted the video and responded: “OMG! Calling, Calling, CALLING #MiraclesDoHappen.”

Nelson previously explained to USA Today that his treehouse creations can cost anywhere from $80,000 to $200,000.

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