In the first two minutes of "The Anvil or the Hammer," Jason reveals his murderous tendencies to Barbara

The penultimate episode of Gotham‘s inaugural season has Barbara in more danger than ever before following her date night with the city’s most dangerous romantic at heart.

In an exclusive sneak peek at the first two minutes of “The Anvil or the Hammer,” Jason (Milo Ventimiglia) invites Barbara (Erin Richards) to stay for breakfast after their night of marathon sex. (Barbara’s morning-after hair is particularly enviable, we must say.)

When Barbara declines, insisting that he “talked a good game, but let’s not pretend this is more than what it is,” the man known to Gotham P.D. as “The Ogre” comes clean about his secret in a last-ditch effort to get her to stay voluntarily.

Grabbing her wrists, Jason tells her, “I was pretending with you, but not in the way you think,” he says. “The night we met, I was going to kill you. But then I saw something in you, Barbara. I saw the real you. You are the woman that I have been searching for.”

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Jason thinks he has found a kindred spirit in Barbara, someone who could accept his true, damaged self. However, she reacts to the news as you might expect, leaving The Ogre to go about things “the hard way.”

“He’s a guy who’s looking for love. He is looking for a partner,” Ventimiglia, 37, previously told PEOPLE of his three-episode arc – which concludes Monday – of his Gotham character.

“He’s looking for someone to walk through life with,” he said, adding that he played the character with some element of “humanity” but that “there’s a degree where you have to give someone an opportunity to prove that they see a different side of life, but at the same time, some people are just evil.”

Gotham airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on Fox.

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