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September 26, 2007 12:00 AM

They may backstab on TV, but in real life, the cast of The CW’s new teen drama Gossip Girl actually all get along. Really! They swear! We caught up recently with the show’s stars–including Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Chace Crawford–and picked their brains about what makes their show so delicious to watch.

What makes the show work? Blake Lively (Serena): There’s so much great gossip, everybody’s lives are intertwined with someone else… And my cast is, like, silly beautiful. It’s just kind of ridiculous. Everything is just really fun. It’s delicious! Leighton Meester (Blair): Pretty much everything! We’ve got great writing, great cast, good , great clothes, sexy scenes, great dialogue. Hotness. And scandals–total scandalous drama. Just wait, it gets better! Penn Badgley (Dan): The greatest thing I’ve gotten from this so far is the friendships. And the fame. That’ll be a great thing, too!

If you had your heart broken in real life, who would you call?Chace Crawford (Nate): I’ve become pretty close with all of them. If I had to call a girl, it might be Blake. We’re pretty close. It’s nice! Meester: I think all of us are pretty tight. I gotta say, I gotta go to my girls. I love Blake, I love Taylor, I love Nicole and Nan, so we’re all really close-knit. Taylor Momsen (Jenny): I’d probably just tell everyone at lunch! I’d be like, ‘This is so crazy!!’ It’s such great chemistry, I love it. We’re a little family.

On filming in New York:Lively: The fact that it’s in New York City alone, it’s like a character in itself. I know all my favorite movies are from New York because there’s just this magical element to it. Ed Westwick (Chuck): It’s one of those cities I like. It’s built up, you can hop on the choo (the train) and go around, and there’s always so much going on. And it’s intense, but a good intense. Meester: You go to some place you don’t really know very well. Everybody’s kind of new, and we’re starting something and we have no idea what to expect. But it’s a ride.

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Photo: Patrick Harbron/The CW

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