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January 20, 2009 12:00 AM

Page Six won’t be running a Yale-issued press release announcing Serena van der Woodsen‘s departure from the Upper East Side any time soon. They might, however, be running an obituary of a certain young prep school teacher who we hear is giving her students — gasp! — Bs.

With Yale acceptance e-mails going out on Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl, tension was high on the Upper East Side — especially when Blair Waldorf got waitlisted! On a mission to inflict death, Blair targeted the one teacher who stood in her way: the new Miss Carr, a young teacher from the Midwest.

After Serena gave up her Yale spot, Blair got in (We wish getting into Yale was that easy!) and Blair pulled back the reins just long enough to stand up her friend in Central Park before the opera. Instead, Blair ditched the opera to find Miss Carr. Though all looked to be forgiven, the teacher turned the table. With her status at Yale up in the air with Blair having to serve detention, the game is on. But who will prevail?

Chuck may not have Blair to help him scheme against Uncle Jack, but he found an unlikely ally in Lily van der Woodsen. When hookers and underage call girls couldn’t push Jack off the edge, Lily found a full-proof plan to get the company back and adopted Chuck. Jack finally lost, but not before he tried to rape Lily in the bathroom at the opera. Chuck rushed in to save the day. Though Lily and Chuck made up and reunited, we were still waiting for Blair and Chuck to kiss and make up.

We were happy to see the return of Nate Archibald, who miraculously got his cash back, but the constant sight of Vanessa on his arm is a bit too much to take. It was cute that he was trying to introduce her to his world, but someone should have told Vanessa that floor length velvet gowns are so 1997. — Andrea DeSimone

Tell us: Do you think Serena should have turned down Yale? Will Serena and Dan last if they don’t go to college together? Will Blair get into Yale? Does Miss Carr stand a chance against Blair?Michael Caulfield/WireImage

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