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October 25, 2007 12:00 AM

The masquerade ball on last night’s Gossip Girl provided clever opportunities for the upper class teens to spill secrets (whether it was voluntary or not), including Nate’s admission (to the girl he thought was Serena) that he’s still in love with Serena, Dan’s confession to Serena that he’d once been in love with his best friend Vanessa, and Jenny’s chance to get back at wolf in devil’s clothing that is Chuck Bass.

Jenny luring Chuck to strip and wait for her on the roof? Brilliant. Getting him to strip on the way, then taking his pants and cell phone before locking him up there? Priceless. Things didn’t work out so nicely for poor Nate, who not only confessed his love to the wrong girl (which, as previews for the next episode show, is going to get right back to Blair), but he also took the blame for his father’s cocaine, which his mother found stashed in their super-swank apartment. The weeks ahead are not going to be kind to Mr. Archibald, we thinks.

As usual, the show was rife with great quotes. What was your favorite verbal moment of the night?•Dan: “Case of mistaken identity–ironically, not involving masks.” •Chuck: “Little Jenny Humphrey manages to get my pants off and have me not enjoy it … quite the accomplishment.” •Blair: “Good thing someone else at the party was as lecherous as you. And no, I don’t want to know what you had to do to get that tux.” •Dan to Serena: “Let me say, for the record, ‘I like you. Only you.'” •Vanessa, on the movie theater in her old town: The Pacifier played for, like, a year. • Dan: “And they said Vin Diesel couldn’t do comedy.”

Tell us: What was your favorite revelation from last night’s episode? –Kimberly Potts

Photo: CW

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