'Gossip Girl' : Serena (The Bad Girl) Is Back!

Photo: Giovanni Rufino/The CW

In high school, all it takes is a single party to re-invent yourself, and on the Upper East Side, the best way to do it is with a Page Six-worthy soiree. It might have been little Jenny‘s sweet 16, but Serena never misses a chance to steal the limelight — the new Serena that is. After running into socialite Poppy on the way to school, Serena realized that her life is — well, dull. To spice things up she decided to throw Jenny the ultimate society bash.

But Jenny had plans of her own. Arriving to the van der Woodsen/ Bass abode with homemade chili and board games, Jenny was more than a little surprised to find the mean girls from school, New York nightlife photographer Patrick McMullan and Poppy all assembled. To ruin Serena’s affair, Jenny sent an invite to Gossip Girl. And where there is free booze, high schoolers will come in droves. After the police were called and the parents came home and Jenny didn’t take the blame, Serena left her “dull” family and rejoined the socialites. And when you party in the big leagues, the fun never ends. So, Serena ditched school and life and headed to Spain on a private jet with her high-class friends.

Next week: Does Serena get married in Spain?

Amidst all the partying, romance was in full bloom. After last week, Nate and Blair slipped into the “just friends” category while making exes Vanessa and Chuck green with envy. Chuck told Blair that there were no sparks between her and Nate and we have to agree. While the former lovers might not have been lighting fireworks, Chuck and Vanessa certainly were. With one steamy kiss, a long night in bed, followed by what looked like a morning in bed, this secret relationship might have some staying power even if it is only between the sheets.

Just asking: Did Blair’s maid Dorota give Serena’s doorman a book? Amazing!

While the teenagers of the Upper East Side seemed to change beds like they change socks, the adults are finally settling down. Rufus and Lily are attached at the hip — and Rufus might even be relocating to Park Avenue! But not so fast, it seemed their love child is still out there and trying to contact Dan. — Andrea DeSimone

Tell us: Do Nate and Blair have sparks? Will they last? Do Chuck and Vanessa stand a chance? Will Serena ever be able to find herself?Giovanni Rufino/The CW

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