'Gossip Girl' : Serena Goes to Jail!

Photo: Ramey

On the Upper East Side, there is more to worry about than whether or not your new boyfriend is still sleeping with his ex-girlfriend. For girls like Serena, said boyfriend might be after your rich mother’s — and her friends’ — money.

Last week, Gabriel charmed the pants and wallets off of Manhattan society. This week, however, he was caught red handed. Like all crooks, Gabriel pointed the finger at ex-girlfriend Poppy because, let’s be honest, he wouldn’t have the brains to bring Internet access to children in third world countries.

When your trust fund is at stake, all measures must be taken, even if it means trusting it to Georgina Sparks.

While no one was happy when Georgina showed up in the Bass/van der Woodsen home, no one could deny she was the girl to get Poppy locked up. The only problem: her new godly ways. After some careful primping from the Queen B herself, Georgina was turned from Jesus-loving hippie back to socialite-in-the-making. Off to the Russian Tea Room the troops went, where Georgina would get Poppy to admit to the scandal. Unfortunately, Poppy wasn’t the one who left in a squad car — Serena was.

Though she wasn’t going to jail for fraud, Serena was being taught a lesson by her mother. When Dan ratted the gang out to Lily about their plan to take down Poppy, Lily stepped in and wanted to handle it like an “adult.” But, when that meant letting Poppy walk away free, Serena ignored her mother to follow through with her plan only to get herself sent to jail for theft instead. The stolen item? A gift from her mother. We knew there was a reason Serena wore sequins in the middle of the day.

In matters of the heart, more than one was broken this time around. Blair managed to avoid Nate‘s questions until the very end, but only after Chuck denied his feelings for her yet again. Though Blair won’t be leaving the Upper East Side for Murray Hill, her and Nate will be attending the senior prom together.

On the adult front, Rufus bought the diamond and was ready to pop the question until he realized Lily was keeping something from him: the fact that she had lost Dan’s college money to Gabriel. Whoops! Rufus headed back to Brooklyn after realizing that Lily was exactly like her mother with plans to have his kids return the ring for him.

Just Asking: Why Chuck? Why can’t you make Blair happy? We know you are not done playing the game.

Though Poppy might be on her merry way to Miami, Georgina is hot on her trail. No bad girl goes good for too long. Being bad is just too much fun. Until next week! — Andrea DeSimone

Tell us: Was Lily right to get Serena arrested? Can Georgina bring down Poppy? Is Chuck really letting Blair go?Ramey

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