By People Staff
Updated October 11, 2007 12:00 AM
Credit: Photo: The CW

At first it seemed like the hard partying, meddling rich boy Chuck Bass was the villain we’d love to hate, then Blair Waldorf showed her claws for some high society girl-on-girl warfare. But now? Last night Chuck bailed out pal Nate Archibald from a gambling scam with real heroics–he went to (gasp) Queens!–and poor Blair? Now we know why she is the way she is: Mommy. In fact, it’s Mama Waldorf who may be the root of all UES evil, pitting Blair and Serena against each other at a fashion shoot, baiting Blair’s jealousy by favoring her daughter’s best friend and putting her clothing business before family. And the worst? She chastised Blair for enjoying a fresh morning croissant–after already offering breakfast to Serena (the thinner daughter she never had?).

Still we got to have a little fun in this episode: The best moment of the night was seeing Serena and Blair work it on the modeling shoot, with S coaching B in posing like “Posh Spice in America!”

Tell us: What was your fave moment? –Janice Morris

Photo: The CW