Photo: Andrew Eccles/The CW; Frank Ockenfels / The CW
October 18, 2007 12:00 AM

Dan and Serena went on their first date, which ended with a sexy kiss.

Little sis Jenny Humphrey showed Blair and her rich girl friends that she could hang with them, then ultimately chose not to, at Blair’s ballyhooed sleepover.

And dad Rufus scored some quality time–and a trip down memory lane–with Serena’s mom, after finding out his estranged wife was spending time with another dude.

Though there’s almost certainly more heartbreak ahead for the Humphreys, ya gotta love an episode where everything turned out right for the Brooklyn fam for once, no?

We are a little worried about next week’s preview, though, which shows the gang at a costume ball, with Nate Archibald putting the moves on Serena again.

Tell us: Do you think Dan and Serena will last? Are you on Team Humphrey on Team Archibald? And is Gossip Girl officially the guiltiest pleasure of the new season? –Kimberly Potts

Photo: Andrew Eccles/The CW; Frank Ockenfels / The CW

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