By People Staff
Updated September 16, 2008 12:00 AM

When the lights go out in a city that never sleeps, it doesn’t mean the party has to stop. In her effort to prove her royal status, Blair Waldorf throws another penthouse party–by candlelight–while the blackout snuffs out the rekindled romance between Dan and Serena.

It Was Good While It Lasted: Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) and Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) have been making out everywhere from the Jitney to the Upper East Side so it was only a matter of time before their lip-locking ended up on Gossip Girl. Between all their frenzied make-out sessions, Serena and Dan neglected to talk about what broke them up in the first place, until they’re forced to face their issues while stuck in an elevator. (Watch the clip.)

Though Serena forgave Dan, it seems Dan just can’t get over Serena’s Upper East Side roots. If Dan can’t get over his inferiority complex, perhaps Serena needs to move on. After all, what drew him to her in the first place was the fact that she’s, well, Serena van der Woodsen. Kissing the Enemy: It seems that Chuck Bass’s (Ed Westwick) motivation to get Blair (Leighton Meester) back wasn’t all that noble. Turns out the playboy hasn’t been having as much “fun” as expected. Ironically, things between Blair and Lord Marcus (Patrick Heusinger) aren’t exactly passionate either. A sexually frustrated Chuck reminds Blair what both of them are missing during the blackout. Too bad Marcus breaks up the “party” once the lights come on, but it seems Lady B might be forgiven. “I’m not some delicate little flower, show me!” Blair declares after catching Marcus on the stairs. Marcus does what he is told and moves in for the kiss as a defeated Chuck looks on. Marcus may be ready to take B’s flower, but we think Chuck will be the one on her mind.

Fatal Attraction: Nate Archibald’s (Chase Crawford) affair with the Duchess (Madchen Amick) has officially turned from steamy to scary. Not only is she buying him suits and giving him envelopes stuffed with cash, she has taken to spying on him. Meanwhile poor Nate is trying to rekindle his romance with Vanessa (Jessica Szhor), but it is proving hard to do with a stalker with a title. When the love triangle comes full circle at Blair’s party, Vanessa backs down when she learns the Duchess will give up Nate’s fugitive dad if he leaves her. Nate has pillow talked himself into a hole, but we have a feeling Blair is going to step in with her trump card–the Duchess’s dirty secret.

You’re Fired!: Seems like little Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) is the only one who benefited from the blackout. After getting caught altering one of Eleanor Waldorf’s dresses by Eleanor herself, the designer fires a stunned Jenny. But when the lights go out, all is forgiven and Jenny helps Eleanor refashion the dress. We hope Little J gets her fashion break, and how ironic that it’s with B’s mom?

Best Blair Line: Though Blair has joined forces with the Duchess, it hasn’t stopped her from holding her tongue. Blair on the Duchess’s interest in Nate: “Hot young guy, aging beauty enjoying her last hurrah before the surgeries start, it’s called a clich .” –Andrea DeSimone

Tell us: Do you think it’s the final break between Dan and Serena? Is Blair over Chuck? Or Does B just want Marcus for the title?