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August 29, 2008 12:00 AM

With only four days to go until Gossip Girl‘s season 2 premiere, the show’s executive producer Stephanie Savage chatted with PEOPLE.com about what’s in store for everyone’s favorite prep schoolers. “We had so much fun on season 1 establishing these characters and figuring out who they are, what they’re all about and what their relationships are to each other,” she says. “The fun thing about being able to do a second season is being able to go deeper and twist things further.” Savage reveals secrets about Blair’s new love interest, Jenny’s ambitions and whether we’ll see the return of Georgina Sparks.

Where does season 2 pick up? It’s the end of the summer and we find out what everybody’s done over the course of the holiday, and everybody ends up getting together for a big white party in the Hamptons.

It makes sense that Nate, Chuck, Serena and Blair are summering in the Hamptons. But how do Brooklyn kids Jenny and Dan end up there?Jenny shows up in the Hamptons on a mission related to her summer internship. She’s been working for Blair’s mom Eleanor Waldorf all summer, and Jenny is an ambitious girl who doesn’t let much stand between her and her goals, so she finds her way to this party to try and get the eyes and ears of some important that she wants to impress. And Dan comes on a mission to track down Serena.

Fill us in on Blair’s new love interest.Patrick Heusinger plays a character who turns out to be not exactly who he says he is. He’s somebody that Blair met over the summer after Chuck dumped her and sent her to Europe alone. She’s come back with him ostensibly to make Chuck jealous, but then she finds out that she has actual deeper feelings for him.

What about Nate’s new fling? Madchen Amick has joined us for a four-episode arc as Chace’s older woman love interest, a friend of his mother’s who he met in the Hamptons and who is married to an extremely wealthy and powerful man. So, there’s an element of danger in that relationship, but I think that they both also do find out that they have a genuine connection that creates a situation where the relationship is ongoing once they get back into the city.

(Find out what Amick says about kissing Chace Crawford!)

Jenny caused so much trouble last season. What’s in store for her this time around? Jenny has turned her back on high school and the world of the popular girls and the mean girls. She’s not interested in that anymore. She’s got her sights set a little higher. She’s very focused on her work, on the fashion world, but of course that does create lots of opportunities to cross her back into stories with our other characters. Her relationship with Eleanor will bring her into conflict with Blair. We’ve got a great Fashion Week episode — our fifth episode — that is the big piece in the story.

Season 1 ended with a wedding between Lily van der Woodsen and Bart Bass. Will Rufus Humphrey and Lily continue to have a connection? The connection that they have, it’s lasted between them for more than 20 years, so it will last. It’s a significant recurring element of our show. When we come into the series this year, Rufus is on the road and Lily is still traveling. You have the kids left to themselves a little bit more. But once Rufus and Lily come back into each other’s orbit, we’ll see how that dynamic changes this year.

Will we see Georgina Sparks again in a season 2 episode? I don’t think there’s any boot camp in Idaho or anywhere else that will hold Georgina Sparks for long, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes her way back into the city. I don’t think she was very happy with Blair. They have some unfinished business.

Gossip Girl returns Sept. 1. Till then, check back each day for fresh coverage!Jackson Lee/Tom Meinelt/Splash News Online

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