'Gossip Girl' Countdown: 8 Days to Go! Chace Crawford Shares Gossip from the Set

Photo: Jackson Lee/Ahmad Elatab/Splash News Online

Chace Crawford says he’s happy to be back to work on the set of Gossip Girl in New York. Lucky for us, the 22-year-old Texan — who plays blue blood Nate Archibald — is also happy to fill us in on what he likes to do on his downtime, which of his costars is most likely to be late to set and which ones he could pull a prank on. –Liza Hamm

What did you do during the strike?I went to a lot of sporting events. I don’t think I was in the same place for more than five days. We went to London to promote the show. I got to go to my first European soccer match … It was the equivalent of a playoff game. We thought we were sitting with the home team, but they sat us with the away team. Me and Ed Westwick were literally up against the railing. On every step on the other side were not cops but riot control — masks, shields, everything. Ed was saying, “You should take off your hat. Afterward, they might remember you from your green hat and you might get your butt kicked.” So I took off my hat.

Are you a big sports fan?I’m from Texas so it’s more about bull riding for me. No, it’s football, but I’m becoming a baseball fan being up in the northeast. I’m a big Dallas Mavericks and Cowboys fan.

What do you guys gossip about during your downtime on the set. Ed’s my roommate. We’re like brothers. We talk about everything under the sun and no one ever knows what we’re talking about. I haven’t seen Penn Badgley in ages. We never have scenes together. But we’ll go hang out, but we don’t gossip. We talk about stupid movies and girls.

What’s your favorite thing about being back at work?I like having a routine and having a job. Not running around like crazy … It’s like a family on set. I had all these moment of d j vu yesterday on my first day back. It was like the first day back at school. I realized someday I will really miss this. It was good to get back. It’s like being back in a camp atmosphere.

What do you make of all the gossip about the show?There’s buzz going around, which is nice. It’s a testament to how the show is doing. It’s word of mouth … Appointment television is almost out of date.

Is there a downside? There’s always the good and the bad. I cope by not reading the blogs or the magazines. That takes away from the focus. That stuff isn’t really my thing. So I do my thing. And I let everyone else do theirs.

What do you like to do when you’re not filming?I hit golf balls at Chelsea Piers yesterday … I’m sleeping. I turn on the radio and listen to a little rock — Nirvana, Sublime from time to time. Ed is getting me into some English bands. I always loved Oasis, the Doors. I was born in the wrong era — I should have been born in the ’70s or ’80s.

Who is the most likely to be a little late to the set? Me, Ed or Blake Lively. Okay, I’ll give you Blake. She might take the cake on that. She’ll agree. But don’t tell her I said that.

Who usually has their lines memorized first? That’s a good question. We all have our moments. Probably Ed. He’s good. It’s infectious. He’s there working and I’m like oh maybe I should get my notes out.

Who messes up their lines the most?I mess up in that I like to improv a little more. The line director is always walking over — and I’m like, “Okay, okay.” But Matthew Settle will tell you he’s no good at memorizing. He bought the Nintendo DS game, Brain Age.

Who is the prankster? Blake likes to play pranks. Last year, we were in Grand Central station she played a prank on executive producer Josh Schwartz — pretending to be a diva. Trying to make him think she was going to be trouble. But he turned the tables.

Who is the must gullible? Probably Leighton Meester, but I’m sure I could pull one over on Ed.

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