5 Things to Know (and 1 to Watch!) About the' Good Wife' Spinoff 'The Good Fight'

The Good Fight premieres on CBS All Access on Feb. 19

The upcoming Good Wife spinoff The Good Fight has been shrouded in mystery since it was announced last year – but not anymore.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association conference at the Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, Calif., Monday, executive producers Michelle and Robert King and the cast, including Christine Baranski and Cush Jumbo, opened up about their new drama, which will debut on CBS All Access on Feb. 19.

Here are five things revealed about the highly-anticipated spinoff:

1. Diane is practically penniless!
In a new trailer that debuted at the conference, it is revealed that Diane Lockhart (Baranski) is dealing with the fallout from her husband’s (Gary Cole) infidelity and has lost her position at her firm – as well as all her money!

“She’s estranged from her husband but she’s at the top of her game at the top of the show. Then, halfway through [the first episode,] she loses everything,” said Baranski, whose character lost her savings in a ponzy scheme perpetrated by her goddaughter’s (Rose Leslie) father.

2. A lot of familiar faces will pop up…
Diane and Luca Quinn (Jumbo) aren’t the only Good Wife characters appearing on the spinoff. Carrie Preston, Dennis O’Hare, Matthew Perry, John Benjamin Hickey, Rita Wilson, Michael Boatman and more will guest star during the ten-episode first season.

…But Julianna Margulies won’t be one of them.
Alicia Florrick (Margulies) and her husband Peter (Chris Noth) will be mentioned on The Good Fight, but don’t expect Alicia popping up for martinis with Diane.

“We talked to Julianna about the show and her relationship to it and we all agreed that [the Good Wife finale] ended that story and it would be weird if she was pushing a trash can around in the background,” said Michael King.

3. Trump’s election win changed the premiere episode significantly.
The Kings had to re-write the opening scene of the series, which had Diane (Baranski) watching the election results.

“We were filming the pilot on election night,” said Baranski, who was filming a scene in which she was packing up her office – including a photo of Diane and Hillary Clinton. Between shots, “I went to my trailer and found out [Donald] Trump had won,” she said. “So [the reaction I had when looking at the photo] was very different after that.”

4. It will be a very diverse cast.
The Good Fight
will center on a predominately African-American law firm.

“Just the idea that there were going to be that many black people on set was amazing to me,” said Jumbo, whose love interest is played by Justin Bartha.

5. Expect more profanity than The Good Wife.
A broadcast TV-friendly version of the premiere episode will air on CBS, but the Kings are taking full advantage of the fact that the episodes will stream on CBS All Access.

Michael King promises they did not give scripts a “cable polish” (meaning, they didn’t add language or nudity just because you can) but “you’re going to hear people talk the way they speak in life,” said Michelle. “They’re not going to sound drastically different [than they did on The Good Wife,]” but they’re using the words that they would in the real world.”

There is a bare butt shown in the show’s trailer, but Jumbo wanted to be clear that’s not Bartha’s “bum.”

“I get asked that a lot,” she said. “Justin’s bum comes later.”

The Good Fight premieres on CBS All Access on Feb. 19.

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