The GMA contributor is still recovering from "brutal" reconstructive surgery
Credit: Pacific Coast News

Since Sandra Lee was diagnosed with breast cancer last March, she been fighting for her life. Now, after undergoing a double mastectomy and her recent reconstructive surgery, the Good Morning America contributor is finally feeling like herself again.

“I’m getting back to me and it’s a really nice place to be,” she tells PEOPLE in the latest issue. “I almost have all my energy back. I’m getting back into my life.”

While she’s now cancer free, the healing process following Lee’s reconstructive surgery has been hard.

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“It’s a really intense thing, having that operation,” she says. “Being put out, it’s lights out. You go, ‘Oh God, please sweet Lord, take care of me while I’m here.’ ”

And there’s still more surgery ahead.

“It’s going be a process. It’s not going be a one-and-done,” she says. “It’s a brutal. No matter what level of cancer you have, that surgery is an absolute brutal surgery, of which it’s impossible to communicate everything you go through.”

While she’s focused on her recovery, Lee is living her life differently since her diagnosis.

“You know what it makes you realize? Every day I think, ‘Is what I did today worth a day in my life?’ Because you gave a day of your life for today. So, for me, that’s how I live my life now. You come to the realization of how precious every single day of you life is.”