'Good Morning America' 's Anchors Give Lara Spencer a Good Scare in Pre-Halloween 'Scream' Skit

The GMA cast channeled a classic Halloween film for their in-studio fun this year

GMA Halloween sketch
Photo: ABC

The cast of Good Morning America is taking Halloween very seriously this year.

Before the spooky holiday on Sunday, the GMA crew released a skit inspired by iconic horror movie Scream, with original star David Arquette even making a cameo as his character in the 1996 film.

"Looks like something scary is happening at our Times Square Studio," GMA posted on Twitter Friday, sharing the clip that began with Lara Spencer walking alone into a building amid with an ominous fog.

Picking up a ringing phone, Barrymore (in footage from her role in the film as Casey Becker) asked "Hello, who is this?" The 52-year-old co-anchor introduced herself, and asked what the crackling noise was, which Barrymore's chacter confirmed was popcorn cooking.

"Popcorn, to watch the show? Isn't it a little early?" Spencer wondered. "Well, I guess enjoy the show."

GMA Halloween sketch

"So weird!" she muttered to herself. A moment later, she picked up the phone again to hear Michael Strahan brushing his teeth in a dressing room, asking if she was alone in the studio.

"I'm here, and I was looking for you!" the 49-year-old co-anchor explained.

Unsettled, Spencer hung up the phone and declared she was "out of here," opening another door and screaming. George Stephanopoulos smiled back at the spooked star on the set, and said "Good morning Lara, I guess it's Halloween!" as an eerie voice cackled in the background. Running back into the hallway, Spencer was surprised with another call from Strahan, who asked "Lara, why are you so scared?"

Hanging up again and dashing into a dressing room, she recieved another call from Arquette in his Scream role as Sheriff Dewey Riley. "I'm at work, I can't talk right now!" she told the caller. "What is going on today?" she asked herself.

Exiting the dressing room to walk back into the hallway, the host screamed as someone disguised in a Ghostface mask walked toward her.

GMA Halloween sketch

"Guess I wore the wrong mask!" Strahan said after tugging it off.

As the clip closed, the camera panned back to the studio, and a current-day Barrymore wished everyone a happy Halloween.

While celebrating Halloween last year, GMA hosts Strahan, Cecilia Vega and Stephanopoulos were replaced by three adorable kids.

"Wait, this just in! Breaking news — kids are taking over Halloween," Stephanopoulos' mini-me said.

"And you know what else, guys? Since it's Halloween and we're calling the shots," Stephanopoulos' mini-me continued. "I say we eat all the candy we want and no parents are going to tell us no."

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Strahan's smaller version took off his suit to reveal his Mandalorian inspired-look, while Vega's younger counterpart showed off her unique costume as Tiger King star Joe Exotic. Stephanopoulos' replacement swapped his traditional tie for one covered with pumpkins.

The GMA bunch has shown off many incredible Halloween looks over the years, including when they channeled the 1970s in 2019. The crew transformed the set into a dance floor for a fun party.

The show's hosts also dressed as beloved '70s icons, including Robin Roberts as Donna Summer and Spencer as Liza Minnelli.

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