Hunter Parrish also reveals what Rihanna song he has stuck in his head


When was the last time Hunter Parrish laughed so hard that he cried?

The Good Girls Revolt star reveals during a round of PEOPLE’s “One Last Thing” that tear-inducing laughs usually come from his wife Kathryn Wahl.

“I don’t have one time, I feel like I try to laugh as much as possible and any time I’m around my amazingly captivating and adorable wife I am constantly in tears with laughter,” he says.

Parrish, 29, plays hunky, progressive reporter Douglas Rhodes in the Amazon series about a group of women at Newsweek in the late ’60s who fought for their rights in the workplace.

While eyes may be on Parrish in the drama, he says he has a must-watch pick of his own.

“The last movie I saw was this amazing documentary called Iris about Iris Apfel and her amazing story and I highly recommend it for anybody that wants to look at a hero,” Parrish says.

Serious isn’t the only side of Parrish, though.

When asked to name the last song that I had stuck in my head, he gave a shout-out to “This is What You Came For,” saying, “I am currently always singing that Calvin HarrisRihanna song and also dancing secretly in the back of things.”

Good Girls Revolt is currently streaming on Amazon.