Good Girls Revolt begins streaming Friday on Amazon Prime


Good Girls Revolt, based on the real story of women fighting to be reporters at Newsweek in the ’60s and ’70s, has moved heroines like Emmy-winner journalist Connie Chung to tears.

The 70-year-old media legend was the second woman to anchor one of America’s major news network shows and shared that the show “brought me to tears and reminded me of the hell I went through as a journalist.”

As much of a fan as Chung is of the show, it turns out that Good Girls Revolt actress Genevieve Angelson, was an even bigger fan of her.

“I saw Connie Chung across the room, literally like Crocodile Dundee I crawled on people’s shoulders and I was like ‘Connie Chung!’ ” Angelson, who plays a researcher in the film, told PEOPLE Now. “She was crying, then I started crying. Connie Chung gave me a pack of tissue and I held them like an Emmy all night long.”

Where are those tissues today, you might ask? “On my mantelpiece,” Angelson shares.

Though the Amazon Prime drama, also starring Anna Camp and Erin Darke, is a period piece, it has resonance with the conversation surrounding today’s gender dynamics.

“I also just find it so wonderful of a testament of how far we have come that guys like you now watch it and they’re like, ‘Oh, I’m so uncomfortable with what that behavior was,’ ” Darke shares with PEOPLE. “I think that, more than anything else, is just a testament of just how much better things are.”

Good Girls Revolt begins streaming Friday on Amazon Prime.