Matthew Perry will appear on Sunday's episode of the CBS All Access drama The Good Fight

By Patrick Gomez
March 03, 2017 02:44 PM

Matthew Perry is making sure The Good Fight is living up to its name.

In a preview clip from Sunday’s episode of the CBS All Access drama, the former Friends star guest stars as antagonistic lawyer Mike Kresteva — and PEOPLE has an exclusive First Look at the actor on the series.

Perry first appeared as Mike in The Good Wife, the series that inspired this new streaming spinoff.

On Sunday’s episode of The Good Fight, Mike is interrogating Diane (Christine Baranski).

“When I asked you about your firm’s attitude about police brutality, did you not say that the problem was the people of Cook County hated African Americans?” he asks her.

When Diane doesn’t respond to the question, he asks, “Would you like me to repeat the question?”

“No,” she says firmly before briefly reconsidering and changing her answer. “Yes.”

“When I ask you if your firm’s motives were pure, did you not say the problem is that cook county hated African Americans and treated black lives carelessly?” Mike asks.

“No,” she replies before the back and forth becomes rapid fire.

“You did not say that?”

“No, I said nothing like it.”

“Are you saying my notes from our meeting are incorrect?”

“Your notes from our meeting are bizarrely incorrect.”

“Well,” Mike says as he walks back to his table to grab his notes. “Would you be kind enough to show me where I was mistaken?”

New episodes of The Good Fight are released every Sunday on CBS All Access.