Gold Rush: Parker's Trail premiers Friday, March 31 at 9 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel

Yukon or bust!

Parker Schnabel is setting out on a new adventure and no amount of gold can help him this time. PEOPLE can exclusively reveal that the star of Discovery’s hit series Gold Rush has landed his own adventure special on the network.

Parker’s Trail, which will be a 3-part docu-series, will follow the 22-year-old and his small team (foreman Rick Ness, wilderness guide Karla Ann, who once worked with Schnabel as a rock truck driver; and cameramen James Levelle, who has known Schnabel for years) as they set out to tackle the great Alaskan wilderness as they follow in the footsteps of former gold miners.

“Between 1896 and 1899, more than 100,000 brave souls set out on a perilous journey into the frozen North on the legendary Klondike Gold Rush trail. Most never made it to the end. Killed or scared off by bears, treacherous terrain, raging torrents and temperatures below -40 degrees, only one in three completed the journey. Now Parker Schnabel of Discovery GOLD RUSH fame, will attempt to make this same journey and document it in Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail,” according to the press release.

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In the first episode, Schnabel and his team will set out on the first leg of the journey which is considered one of the most physically challenging parts, according to the release. The team of adventurers will face a 45-degree ascent all the while staggering through snow and rain, with 60 pounds of gear to haul.

In the teaser, Schnabel explains that he wants to prove to himself and his late grandfather that he is capable of making the trek.

“I want to test myself against my grandpa and the pioneers that came before him,” he says. “It’s just my way of having a bit of tribute to my grandpa.”

Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail premiers Friday, March 31 at 9 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.