'GLOW' Renewed for Fourth and Final Season on Netflix: 'All Good Things Must Come to a GLOWing End'

GLOW became an instant hit among fans and critics, earning 15 Emmy nominations

GLOW is coming to an end.

The hit Netflix series, starring Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin and Marc Maron, was renewed for a fourth and final season, the streaming platform announced Friday.

“All good things must come to a GLOWing end,” reads the announcement from the show’s official Twitter account. “We’re coming back for a fourth and final season!”

Along with the announcement, Netflix released a video montage looking back at some of the most memorable moments from the show.

“Seeing these women struggle to use their bodies and learn something new — and we did,” Brie’s character Ruth says in the clip. “It saved me.”

“I feel like a goddamn superhero,” adds Giplin’s Debbie.

GLOW tells the story of Ruth, an out of work actress who gets her last chance at stardom through female professional wrestling in 1980s Los Angeles.

The show became an instant hit among fans and critics, earning 15 Emmy nominations and three wins, seven Screen Actors Guild Award nominations and one win and two Golden Globe nominations, to date.

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Erica Parise/Netflix

Brie, 36, recently opened up about how the show changed her life — and her relationship to her body. The actress, who works out several hours a day to properly execute fight scenes and wrestling moves, said stepping into the wrestling ring was a major confidence booster.

“This job has been really life-changing for me in the way that it’s connected me to my body through wrestling, through the type of training we do and through the way we use our bodies on the show,” she recently told PEOPLE.

“Even the nudity on the show, to me, has been very empowering,” The Post star continued. “It kind of reminding myself that I love my body and I’m not ashamed to share it in a non-sexual way on a show … To show nudity as a representation of female friendship and their closeness and their intimacy, was very exciting to me and very true to who I am. I feel a little bit more like myself every year of the show.”

Season 4 of GLOW is expected to hit Netflix in 2020.

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