'Glee' 's Darren Criss Reveals His On-Set Crush

The "Teenage Dream" sensation says he – and everyone – is smitten with a certain Britney Spears lookalike

Photo: Fox

Darren Criss made a huge splash as Blaine, Kurt’s "Teenage Dream" and guide to the ways of the Warblers this season on Glee, but who is newcomer Criss’s on-set crush? It’s Heather Morris who plays Brittany, the Cheerio with the dance moves, he tells PEOPLE without hesitation.

“Everybody has a cool crush on Heather Morris,” Criss, 23, said after performing on The Seven at MTV’s studios in New York City on Tuesday. “Everyone just wants to hang out with her and be her, basically – and by that I mean me.”

Being the new kid on campus, Criss feels very welcomed by his costars, but the uproar he has made since his Glee debut three weeks ago has been “fundamentally crazy.” Criss’s version of Katy Perry‘s “Teenage Dream” debuted at the top spot on the digital sales chart. Since then, he’s became a sudden star, attending the Harry Potter premiere and the American Music Awards, where he met Perry.

“I don’t feel this kind of crazy machine that is Glee,” Criss said. “I watch it alone in my room on Hulu.”

The only thing that is hitting the Glee sensation at the moment is his suddenly busy schedule. “The cool thing about being busy with this show is that it is a character I really love and am really proud of,” he says of Blaine, who is an out gay student at the all-boys prep school, Dalton Academy.

As for the future, Criss hopes for a Cabaret-themed episode. “If they decided to open up season 3 with Blaine singing ‘Willkommen’ for no apparent reason,” he says, “I’d be cool with that.”

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