September 24, 2009 12:00 AM

There were a lot of great little bits in this week’s episode of Glee. Among the highlights: football coach Ken Tenaka‘s box of special game whistles; Kurt Hummel‘s sparkly unitard and Sandy Ryerson‘s red kimono-like robe; and Sue Sylvester signing off from her TV commentary “Sue’s Corner” with her hand cupped to make a “C.”

Of course, there were a lot of great big bits, too, involving plot points maniacal (Terri Schuester scamming for Quinn Fabray‘s baby-to-be) and moving (Kurt coming out to his dad).

But you have to give it up for the “Single Ladies” football follies as the moment of the night. Beyond the visual gag of tough pigskin players grooving about in their uniforms to Beyonc , the key was having Kurt come in to kick for the win and actually make it happen. For all the times you’ve dreaded Lucy taking the ball away from Charlie Brown, here was finally, finally, the result you’ve always wanted to see. — Cynthia Wang

Tell us: What was your favorite moment of Glee this week?

Courtesy of FOX

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