By People Staff
Updated October 15, 2009 12:00 AM

The way Sue Sylvester sees it, and don’t forget to cup your hand to form a ‘C’, dividing the glee club is the way to conquer it. Trying to create a racial split, Sue even plays her own minority card, claiming on “Sue’s Corner” that she is one sixteenth Comanche! But who would ever believe glee could be so easily relieved?

Though Glee‘s plot points are getting nuttier (a compromised ob-gyn? a Sixteen Candles-esque ploy for panties?), the number of musical numbers are on the rise, and although many are whimsical and fun, nothing came close to the exuberance the 12 clubbers shared when they jammed on Nelly’s “Ride With Me.” No, it mustn’t be the money — must be the fun! — Cynthia Wang

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