The Fox musical packs a load of story lines into the episode, but without any cliffhangers

By Tim Nudd
May 25, 2011 10:00 AM
Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/FOX

All the talk leading up to Tuesday’s season finale of Glee was about potential cliffhangers – big questions that might be left unanswered involving Rachel and Finn, Will Schuester’s dreams of Broadway, the glee club’s shot at glory at Nationals, or perhaps other characters and dramas.

In the end, all the loose ends were tied up nicely – maybe even a little too nicely?

Keeping reading below for spoilers from the episode, and let us know how you felt about the finale.

There were certainly plenty of personal dramas packed into the show – not just Mr. Shue, Rachel and Finn, but also Quinn, Mercedes, Sam, Kurt, Blaine, Jesse and Sunshine Corazon. It’s a wonder they found time for the competition at all.

In the end, New Directions finished 12th at Nationals; Rachel and Finn shared an impromptu kiss on stage, rekindling their romance; Mr. Schue gave up his Broadway dreams because he loves teaching; Mercedes and Sam turned out to be secretly dating; Kurt and Blaine declared their love for each other; and Quinn ditched her plan for revenge.

All in all, edges smoothed and corners rounded – in Brittany‘s words, the episode was about “acceptance,” and loving each other no matter what.