"I pulled back from the career I love, and it was the best decision I ever made — to just be home and be a mom," says Giuliana Rancic

For Giuliana Rancic, it’s family first.

Appearing on Thursday’s episode of The View, the former E! News anchor opened up about her decision to scale back her work responsibilities to focus on her husband Bill and their 5-year-old son Duke. (She stepped away from her main hosting duties in 2015, though she still co-hosts Live from the Red Carpet during major awards shows.)

“You know, never an easy decision, right? Especially when you love your career,” she admitted. “But I had to do it. My priorities were a little out of whack for a while there. I was just working so much and if anyone knows my story, we struggled to have a child. We went through infertility, and it was a long process.”

“I made a deal with God that if you bless us one day with a child — I get emotional thinking about it — if you bless us one day with a child, I’m going to be there for him,” she continued. “So I pulled back from the career I love, and it was the best decision I ever made — to just be home and be a mom and not completely give up my career, but just switch things around a little bit. Put the focus on family, have the career still going, handle as much as I can — you know, just shift it a little bit. But make family the priority. That’s the most important thing in the world.”

So does Duke ever watch his Mom on the small screen? According to Giuliana, 43, her husband Bill, 46, always tunes in to watch her red carpet coverage during award shows.

“My husband will actually post little Instagrams of my son watching and it’s really cute,” she said. “And recently at school they went around and were asking the kids about Mommy and Daddy’s jobs and trying to gage if the kids know what their parents do. They got to my son and he goes: ‘My mommy is a singer!’ I was so excited. … I haven’t been working that much, so when we’re at home we’re always singing. I love singing and playing music and I think I’m a really good singer — I’m not. But my son thinks I’m a great singer! So if he thinks I’m a singer, maybe I am one.”

Speaking to PEOPLE this week, Giuliana opened up about her life at home — and how her marriage is “stronger than ever and better than ever.”

“I truly cannot imagine life without Bill,” she said Tuesday at Living Beyond Breast Cancer and Genentech’s Not One Type breast cancer awareness pop-up in New York City. “When I look at him I still see that gorgeous, smart, driven man that I fell in love with. I still get butterflies in my stomach thinking about him.”

The couple put their Chicago brownstone up for sale last month, and while the TV personality and her real estate developer hubby aren’t certain of their next move, they’re “taking it one day at a time.”

“My husband has created really, really beautiful homes and beautiful projects in Chicago and beyond, so maybe it’ll be the next great Bill Rancic production we move into,” she said. “He really is so good at what he does and really has created beautiful homes for us — this was like our 10th home! — so I’m sure wherever we move will be yet another beautiful home built by him.”