Blanchard addressed her sexuality in a series of tweets

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated January 17, 2016 03:10 PM
Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty

Rowan Blanchard opened up about her sexuality on social media over the weekend, telling fans that while she’s only dated boys she doesn’t adhere to a certain label.

“In my life – only ever liked boys,” the 14-year-old Girl Meets World star wrote. “However I personally don’t wanna label myself as straight, gay or whateva so I am not gonna give myself labels to stick with – just existing.”

The teen further elaborated when a fan questioned her statement, writing that she is “open to liking any gender in future,” and that “is why I identify as queer.”

Queer, according to PFLAG, is an “umbrella term” for somehow who “feels somehow outside the societal norms in regards to gender or sexuality.”

Blanchard wrote that she thought she was “being brave” by sharing the information,” and added that she was “proud of myself.” However, she said fans were attacking her about the statement on Twitter.

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The often outspoken actress also penned an emotional essay for Rookie magazine this week, which was released on the publication’s website Friday.

In the piece, Blanchard addresses how she decided to “quit apologizing for existing.”

“My codependent relationship with self-blame and self-deprecation, as a means of self-defense has held me tightly since I can remember,” she wrote. “It has felt safer and less terrifying to silence myself to a degree, than to actually engage with people, and make them take responsibility for their own actions.”

She later explained the three steps she took to “trust myself enough to know that I don’t always have to say sorry for myself,” including being “able to be alone.”

“If you listen closely to the tiny voice in your head, the calm one, that is you talking,” Blanchard concluded. “And if you turn up the volume on it and try to listen, it blocks all the other voices out.”