The Jane the Virgin star revealed her wedding plans — or lack thereof — at Sunday's Smallfoot Los Angeles premiere

By Joelle Goldstein
September 27, 2018 12:41 AM

Gina Rodriguez may be happily engaged, but she’s certainly not in a rush to plan her wedding.

Although Rodriguez, 34, got engaged to fiancé Joe LoCiecero over the summer, she has not started planning for their big day.

“I have a great mother-in-law that I’m hoping will do the whole thing for me,” she told E! News at Sunday’s Los Angeles premiere of Smallfoot.

But even though Rodriguez — who voices Kolka in the new animated movie that hits theatres this weekend — may be relying on her future in-laws to help plan the special event, she knows LoCiecero will also provide input on wedding details.

“He has an opinion, so that’s good,” she told the outlet. “He’s not just like a do-whatever. He has an opinion.”

Gina Rodriguez/Instagram

Two days after the Smallfoot premiere, the 34-year-old actress expressed her desire to have a stress-free wedding while appearing as a guest on The Talk.

“So as of this Sunday, I feel like we’re gonna elope,” she joked. “It is so much drama! It’s a lot of work.”

Added Rodriguez: “There was a point when I was like, ‘Everybody arrange everything.’ I just want to show up. I just want to do it. I want to say ‘I do.’ I’m happy. And then I started hearing about what they wanted to do and I was like, ‘Well, I don’t know about that.'”

The Jane the Virgin star confirmed her engagement to PEOPLE in early August.

Rumors of the couple’s engagement began circulating around her 34th birthday when she posted several photos of her and LoCicero cozied up with a huge ring on that special finger.

“I am [engaged]!” Rodriguez told PEOPLE. “He’s the best. He’s the f—- best. We’ve been engaged for like a month — I’ve kept it a secret for a while.”

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Rodriguez and LoCicero met in 2016 when he played a stripper on Jane the Virgin, and they started dating soon after.

They first revealed their blossoming romance with pictures from their Thailand vacation over Christmas 2016 and have gushed over each other on social media since.

But, Rodriguez is still careful not to reveal too much about their relationship and explained why she was hesitant to talk about their engagement.

“I don’t even really want to say it’s happening,” she said. “I just want to live! I think there’s a huge blessing in the fact that people care. That’s a beautiful thing, so that feels really good. But another part of me wants to keep a little something that’s just mine, ’cause there’s not too many things I have like that anymore.”