Gina Rodriguez wrote a heartfelt Instagram post about her dog's death on Instagram on Wednesday

By Aurelie Corinthios
Updated March 03, 2016 02:25 PM
Source: Gina Rodriguez/Instagram

Gina Rodriguez is mourning the death of her dog Ted.

The Jane the Virgin star took to Instagram on Wednesday to commemorate her pup with an adorable selfie of the two and a heartfelt caption.

“Hardest thing in the entire world was saying goodbye to my Ted today. I love you. I always will,” Rodriguez, 31, wrote. “I’ll never forget the joy you brought into my life, the journey we took together. You are my boy and mama will miss you. Not sure how to process or handle you not being around anymore. In complete shock hoping anything will make this better. I love you buddy. Forever.”

On Thursday, the actress shared another picture of her Yorkshire Terrier sitting on a chair, tongue wagging, with a tennis ball.

“I love you buddy. Never forget,” she wrote.

Rodriguez, clearly an animal lover, has often posted pictures of Ted, as well as her other pooch, Casper, on Instagram.

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Two weeks ago, she posted a picture of Ted and Casper hanging out on the Jane the Virgin set with her on-screen baby Mateo in his crib.

“My furry babies Ted and Casper with my tv baby Matelio!” she captioned the sweet picture.

“These are my favorite kind of mornings. With my slender gentleman. #Ted,” Rodriguez captioned an adorable picture of her and Ted snuggling in bed recently.