Gina Rodriguez Celebrates 'Jane the Virgin' Spinoff — with Surprise Photo of Character's Baby Bump!

Gina Rodriguez has a lot to smile about, it seems!

Gina Rodriguez has a lot to celebrate, it seems!

Not only has the CW picked up a pilot order for the spinoff to Jane the Virgin (which PEOPLE first reported on in December), but it appears that her beloved character — Jane Villanueva — might be expecting a new bundle of joy!

The Golden Globe-winning actress, 34, shared a photo of her in costume from the Jane the Virgin set on Thursday, sporting what looked like a brand new baby bump alongside actor Elias Janssen (who plays Jane’s son, Mateo).

“We got good news from the CW! Jane will be birthing a SPIN OFF!!!!!” Rodriguez wrote.

Chapter Sixty-Six
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Of course, there’s always a chance the belly bump could be a flashback, as the twisty telenovela often includes the plot device. But if it is a new pregnancy, fans will certainly be curious to see who is the baby-to-be’s father.

After all, in Jane the Virgin‘s shocking season 4 finale, [SPOILER ALERT] Jane found herself back in her never-ending love triangle, with the apparent return of her presumed-dead husband, Michael (Brett Dier) — right as Mateo’s father and boyfriend Rafael (Justin Baldoni) was getting ready to propose! (“I know, right?“)

Meanwhile, Jane the Virgin‘s spinoff — titled Jane the Novela — will see Rodriguez as Jane stepping into the narrator role, as she tells the stories of her fictional romance novels.

The telenovela anthology series, each season based on a different novel, will be written by Jane the Virgin scribe Valentina Garza. Rodriguez and Garza will both executive produce, alongside showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman, Ben Silverman, Joanna Klein and Emily Gipson.

Its first installment takes place at a Napa Valley vineyard, according to Variety, where “family secrets – and family members – don’t stay buried for long.”

Rodriguez has a slew of projects coming up, including the big screen action flick Miss Bala (in theaters Feb. 1). She’s also voicing Carmen in the streaming giant’s reboot of Carmen Sandiego

Jane the Virgin returns for its fifth and final season on March 27.

Urman told Entertainment Weekly that Michael’s return helped bring the series “full circle” for its final chapter.

“The return of this character felt right thematically in terms of where we wanted to go, in terms of a return to this central love triangle that was so important to the show for so long,” Urman said. “And now everybody is in really different places.”

The showrunner also enjoyed watching her cast react to the surprise.

“We didn’t give out the last page of the script and had Brett secretly come to the table read,” Urman told EW. “And in a very dramatic moment, when we got to the end, I opened the door and he came into the table read and people jumped up and were screaming. It was really fun. It felt very spy-esque but we redacted the pages.”

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