August 08, 2018 06:54 PM

One lucky fiancée scored the proposal of all Gilmore Girls superfans’ dreams!

Molly Larimer from California accepted the “perfect” engagement from her fiancé Sebastian that may be more epic than all the grand gestures that Alexis Bledel‘s character Rory received from boyfriends Dean, Jess and Logan.

The couple was touring the Warner Brothers lot in Los Angeles when they entered the Stars Hollow gazebo, which was featured in the series. Much to Molly’s surprise, her boyfriend of five years had planned to propose at the exact spot for months.

Gilmore Girls has always been one of my favorite shows and Sebastian planned the perfect proposal and actually proposed in the actual Stars Hollow gazebo!! I’m so lucky and so happy to spend forever with him,” the bride-to-be happily announced on Twitter Monday.

“We got to the Stars Hollow area and our tour guide had everyone get out of the tram and go walk toward the gazebo. We got up to it, and the guide asked us all if there were any big Gilmore Girls fans in the group, and my fiancé and I both raised our hands,” Molly recently told Mashable.

“Then the guide asked us to go onto the gazebo to do an ‘improv scene.’ When we got up onto the gazebo, Sebastian told me that we were there for another reason, and he got down on one knee,” said Molly, who also has a Rory arm tattoo.

Stars Hollow, the fictional Connecticut setting for the beloved series, has seen its fair share of proposals, especially for Lauren Graham‘s character Lorelai. From accepting Max Medina’s proposal after he sent 1,000 yellow daisies to the Independence Inn to Lorelai proposing to husband Luke Danes in his coffee shop, Gilmore Girls had some memorable romantic moments.

And who could forget that aww-worthy toast between Lorelai and Luke after they got engaged?!

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Fans who watched the Gilmore Girls reboot on Netflix will also remember another reason that the Stars Hollow gazebo plays a pivotal role.

Not only did Lorelai and Luke get married there, but Rory also revealed the cliffhangers to end all cliffhangers when she shared the final four words that she is pregnant.

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Although Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino did not unveil who the baby’s father is (though fans presume that it’s Matt Czuchry‘s Logan Huntzberger), Graham’s first thought was someone else.

“The first time I read it, I thought it was the wookie,” Graham told PEOPLE in May 2017 about the possibility that the father of Rory’s baby isn’t Logan, but that it could be the one-night stand wookie that her on-screen daughter slept with.

“I honestly never asked the question and I didn’t want the answer because I know that Amy and Alexis have an agreed upon truth. But I really methoded out on that one because I was like, ‘Lorelai didn’t know at the end and neither do I!’ ” Graham explained. “I think also, if there were ever even some sort of reunion, I would never want to blow that. Because she clearly didn’t want to leave it completely answered.”

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