Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is now streaming on Netflix

By Natalie Stone
November 25, 2016 03:00 PM


SPOILER WARNING: For those who haven’t watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, plot details will be revealed below.

Although Sookie St. James left the Dragonfly Inn in the hands of co-founder Lorelai Gilmore, fans will be pleased to learn that the pair remain best friends in the Gilmore Girls revival!

Since the beloved Dragonfly Inn chef, who was known for whipping up a variety of tasty recipes and concoctions in her kitchen, left her post at the Stars Hollow hotel to work at Blue Hill farm with Dan Barber, Lorelai (Lauren Graham) became “just a little chipped” when she had to learn how to run things without her BFF.

But when Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) makes her return in the last episode of the four-part revival, the missing piece of the puzzle is put in its proper place.

As she enters the Inn’s kitchen just a day before her and Luke Danes’ (Scott Patterson) tie the knot, Lorelai finds Sookie decorating numerous cakes for her wedding, including a “milestone cake” that includes the Gilmore ladies’ Stars Hollow house, their Jeep and a frosting statue of the pair.

Despite Lorelai being excited to reconnect with her business partner and friend, Michel (Yanic Truedsdale) isn’t so thrilled to see the chef reappear after her 2-year sabbatical. He claims that Lorelai has turned “into a sighing, moping broken shell of a person who refuses to let anyone park in your space even though it is right next to the back door and other people’s aren’t,” and adds, “I’m not done. And when you left on your amazing journey upstate, you took your fat free magic granola with you.”

Although Sookie has enjoyed her time away from Stars Hollow, she reveals that she misses her position as head chef at the Inn — a role that Lorelai has been unable to fill since her co-founder’s departure.

“I miss it. I mean, I love what I’m doing, you know it’s fascinating. Did you know that I can tell the alkaline levels of soil just by tasting it?” Sookie tells Lorelai. “I mean, there are moments where I’m looking around and just watching a bunch of people eat dirt and I think, Jonestown definitely started like this.”

Lorelai responds, “Well, if they start passing around Kool-Aid, you can always come back.”

Despite her irreplaceable absence, the two gal pals still maintain a strong, inseparable friendship.

“Still best friends?” Sookie asks.

Lorelai assures her: “Still best friends.”

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is now streaming on Netflix.