By Julia Emmanuele
Updated October 21, 2015 04:05 PM
Credit: Warner Bros./Everett

Cancel all of your Friday night plans – we’re having dinner at the Gilmore house one more time.

Now that Netflix’s revival of Gilmore Girls is officially in the works, we’re officially getting ready to return to the magic of Stars Hollow once more. After, naturally, celebrating with a sing-along of “Where You Lead,” there was one question that we couldn’t get off of our mind.

Well, actually, there were a lot of questions we couldn t stop wondering about.

First things first: Did Rory land a job at The New York Times yet?
Look, Rory is a super-talented journalist who landed a job covering a major presidential campaign literally right out of college. There’s no way that at least one major news outlet wouldn’t be interested in recruiting her for their staff, so it seems feasible that she’s finally landed her dream job. And if she has, is she still living in Stars Hollow? Or did she decide to move into a tiny apartment in New York and commute home on the weekends?

Did Luke and Lorelai get married?
We can spend all day debating the merits of Dean vs. Jess vs. Logan – and, trust us, we have, at great length – but the romance that we really care about is the one between Luke and Lorelai, and so we need to know: Did they finally get together? After all, they looked pretty chummy during the series finale, and we know that they’ve always been meant to be.

What’s Kirk’s job this time?
Stars Hollow’s resident eccentric has held pretty much every job under the sun, from pedicab driver to weird mailbox designer to dog walker. But he never held any of them for very long, and so we want to know how Kirk is managing to pay his bills these days. After all, maintaining a (converted) nuclear bunker isn’t cheap.

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Who’s Paris terrorizing now?

When we last saw Paris, she was on her way to med school in order to follow her dream of becoming a doctor, which means that somewhere in the world, there are medical interns who spend all day cowering in the scrubs at the very thought of being on the receiving end of one of Paris’ tirades. It doesn’t matter how high up the professional ladder she is at the moment, there’s no doubt that Paris is telling everyone and anyone she comes into contact with how much smarter, better and more capable she is at saving lives than they are, and we want to see every single second of it. A Paris Geller who literally controls who lives and who dies is a Paris Geller that we definitely need in our lives.

And speaking of Paris: Is she still with Doyle?
Just take a moment and imagine Paris and Doyle’s wedding, and how intensely, impeccably planned every single detail would be. Imagine their fights with the caterers. Imagine their perfectly choreographed, completely insane first dance. You know you want to see Paris and Doyle live happily (and weirdly) ever after.

Are Hep Alien still together?
Now that two of its members are officially parents – speaking of, how are Lane and Zack’s twin sons doing? Are they officially musical prodigies yet? – is Hep Alien still the hardest rocking band in Stars Hollow? Have they finally found a record label who understands their vision enough to sign them?

Does Taylor still rule Stars Hollow with an iron fist?
Or, well, at least try to? After all, half of the fun of town meetings was watching Lorelai derail his agenda and Luke push back against whatever insane idea Taylor had cooked up that time. Besides, we all know that Taylor will never truly rest until he owns every small business in Stars Hollow.

Is Grant, the town Troubadour, still troubadouring?
It’s not really a Gilmore Girls episode until Grant writes a song about the goings-on in Stars Hollow.

How many times has Miss Patty gotten married and/or divorced since we last saw her?
Miss Patty has lived a wild and fascinating life and left a trail of ex-husbands behind her. And we want to know about every. Single. One of them. Actually, on second thought, could we just get a Miss Patty spinoff?

What are the final four words?
The show’s creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino revealed during the Entertainment Weekly-sponsored Gilmore Girls reunion panel at ATX that she had the series’ final four words planned since the very beginning. Since she sadly didn’t actually write the series finale, we never got to see what she had planned, and Sherman-Palladino wasn’t ready to spill. Now, all we can do is pray as hard as we can that the last four words spoken during the finale of this Netflix revival are somehow the four words that Sherman-Palladino came up with all those years ago.