Gilmore Girls Revival Will Air on the CW This Thanksgiving to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

The original series, created by Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino, premiered on Oct. 5, 2000 and aired for seven seasons

Gilmore Girls
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Stars Hollow is returning to network TV!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Gilmore Girls premiere, the series reboot, A Year in the Life, is airing as a four-night event this Thanksgiving.

Beginning Monday, Nov. 23 and concluding Thursday, Nov. 26, the miniseries — which premiered on Netflix four years ago — will air on The CW Network, as well as stream for free on The CW app and for 30 days.

The original series, created by Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino, premiered on Oct. 5, 2000 and aired for seven seasons on The CW and its predecessor, The WB.

Starring Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) and Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore), the beloved show told the story of the mother and teen daughter's close bond while they lived in the charming town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

In November 2016, Netflix released the Gilmore Girls revival, which saw Lorelai still running her Dragonfly Inn while a 32-year-old Rory worked through job (and relationship) struggles yeas after graduating from Yale. Each episode — individually titled Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall — followed the pair throughout a season of the year.

The reboot — directed, written and executive-produced by the Palladinos — brought back many original characters, including Emily Gilmore (played by Kelly Bishop), Luke Danes (Scott Patterson), Lane Kim (Keiko Agena), Paris Geller (Liza Weil), Melissa McCarthy (Sookie St. James), Michel (Yanic Truesdale), Kirk Gleason (Sean Gunn), Taylor (Michael Winters), Logan (Matt Czuchry), Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) and Dean (Jared Padalecki).

At the wrap of the revival, Sherman-Palladino was finally able to have her two main characters — Lorelai and Rory — complete the dramedy the way that she originally intended it to be wrapped.

Gilmore Girls
Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Netflix

After audiences watched Lorelai and Luke finally tie the knot in the center of Stars Hollow after being longtime lovers for nine years, the mother-daughter duo sat until the wee hours of the morning, sipping champagne on the steps of the iconic gazebo as they watched the sun come up.

As Lorelai reflected on saying “I do” to the Luke’s Diner owner in the “Fall” episode, she asked her daughter, who is deep in thought, “Hey, what’s going on in there?” to which Rory responded, “I want to remember it all. Every detail” — and paved the way for the final four jaw-dropping words.

Gilmore Girls WATN
Alexis Beldel and Lauren Graham on Gilmore Girls. Mitchell Haddad/The WB

“Mom,” Rory said as they waited for the sun to rise.

“Yeah?” Lorelai asked.

“I’m pregnant,” Rory revealed

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will air Nov. 23-26 from 8-10 p.m. ET on The CW.

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