8 Things We Learned from the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Trailer — and 8 Questions Remaining

Like why is Rory unemployed?

It’s almost time, Gilmore Girls fans.

Netflix debuted the trailer for the much-anticipated Gilmore Girls revival today, sending fans into a Twitter trending frenzy. It’s the longest glimpse we’ve gotten at the four-part series yet, and reveals quite a bit about what’s to come. But for all the revelations, there’s a question that the trailer brings up. Here’s what we found out — and what we’re still wondering.

1. Lorelai and Rory’s eating habits haven’t changed.

Case in point: They ordered Greek, Italian and Chinese food all in one night. Plus hot dogs. Undoubtedly all from Al’s Pancake World.

2. And it still pisses Luke off.

Step away from the mini doughnuts, ladies.

3. Emily found an interesting way to memorialize Richard.

In the form of a floor-to-ceiling painting.

4. Rory’s unemployed?

Emily calls Rory’s life “a vagabond existence.” Lorelai says she’s “On the Road-ing it.” And she later tells Jess that she “has no job, no underwear and no credit.” Turns out, Rory’s not so good at the whole adulting thing.

5. Kirk earned himself an invite to Friday night dinner.

Although he may have just showed up, as Emily doesn’t know who he is.

6. Lorelai and Luke are together, but are they happy?

Lorelai doesn’t sound very convincing. Yikes!

7. Emily Gilmore owns jeans.

And is apparently a fan of Marie Kondo.

8. Taylor is still in charge.

And the people of Stars Hollow still enjoy making fun of him.

But though we learned some things, we’re still wondering …

1. How exactly did Rory end up without a job?

She was on the road with Barack Obama’s campaign back in 2008 — that should catapult any journalistic career to success, right? What went wrong?

2. And why is she back at Chilton?

Plus, why is Paris back at Chilton? Is this some sort of alumni event? Regardless of how successful Paris is (and we’re sure she is), is inviting her the best idea? She’s mildly terrifying.

3. Why is Lorelai hiking?

That doesn’t seem like something the Lorelai we know and love would do.

4. What is Jess doing?

Because it kind of looks like he has things together. You know, from that three-second clip.

5. What exactly is Sutton Foster’s role?

So far, she’s just a dancing pilgrim. Which isn’t that weird for Stars Hollow, but still.

6. Is Luke still wearing the exact same baseball hat?

It’s been nine years, dude.

7. Where did Emily get that T-shirt?

Does she even go to stores that sell T-shirts?

And finally…

8. What’s wrong with Luke and Lorelai?

We didn’t suffer through seven seasons of will-they-won’t-they for this!

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