Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is now streaming on Netflix

SPOILER WARNING: For those who haven’t watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, plot details will be revealed below.

A lot has happened in the life of Gilmore Girls‘ Michel Gerard after the show wrapped with its seventh season in 2007 — including getting married!

Since creator-writer Amy Sherman-Palladino took back the reins back of the dramedy series for the Netflix revival A Year in the Life, she answered an outstanding question that viewers have asked about Michel since the show first premiered.

Although nearly every character’s sexuality was addressed at some point throughout her six seasons as the mastermind of The CW series, Michel’s (Yanic Truesdale) — Lorelai Gilmore’s (Lauren Graham) right hand man at the Dragonfly Inn — largely remained a mystery, though a majority of viewers have come to assume that he is gay.

But within the first episode of the four-part revival, Sherman-Palladino addresses the longstanding query about the Frenchman in a conversation between Michel and Lorelai at the Inn: he is gay and is planning to adopt a son with his husband, Frederic.

Credit: Warner Bros./Everett Collection

“I just don’t understand it. Before we got married, Frederic was more indifferent to children than I am,” Michel explains to Lorelai in “Winter.”

“That’s not possible,” Lorelai responds.

“Oh yes. We could be walking by the well that Tibby fell down in and he’d throw a penny in,” he says, and adds, “For five years? No, something happened. Twenty minutes after I do he lost his mind. Now all he talks about is, ‘Guess who’s pregnant?’ or ‘What school district is it in? You have to live in a good school district.’ And I say, ‘Why? Isn’t that what boarding school is for so you don’t have to live in a good school district?’ ”

Later in the series, it is also revealed that Michel is intending to leave the Inn for the W Hotel in New York, unless Lorelai is able to expand her business and give him more responsibility.

“I wanted to ask before it’s final: is there a way that we can expand the dragonfly? Make it bigger, add a spa? I was born to run a spa … I need more: more to do, more responsibility, more money. We have a baby on the way,” he tells her.

But for fans fearful that Michel is definitely leaving his post at the Dragonfly Inn, not all hope is lost!

In the last episode (“Fall”), Lorelai comes across a nun’s house in the center of town that is up for sale. Although she doesn’t have the money to purchase it herself, she knows just the person who does: her mother. Per Lorelai’s request, Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop) agrees to transfer the money that was set aside for Luke Danes (Scott Patterson) by her late husband Richard (Edward Herrmann) — but under one condition: “I want you and Luke in Nantucket two weeks every summer and one week at Christmas. If all goes well, you’ll be staying in the Blackstone house next door. If you agree to this, you’ll have the money by morning.”

To find out what happens with the rest of the cast, watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, streaming on Netflix.