'Gilmore Girls' ' Lauren Graham on Rory's Surprise Baby (She's Not Ruling Out the Wookie!) & More Kids for Lorelai

Graham addresses two lingering questions that remain unanswered from the revival — and they both have to do with babies!

When Gilmore Girls returned with its revival last fall, lots of unanswered questions from the original series were addressed — and new ones were posed that are still leaving diehard fans scratching their heads.

On Thursday evening, series star Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) addressed some of those unanswered (and burning!) questions at a Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life panel.

Audiences jaws dropped on Nov. 25 when the last episode of the revival (Fall) revealed in the final four words that Alexis Bledel‘s Rory Gilmore is pregnant. Although creator Amy Sherman-Palladino did not unveil who the father is (though fans presume that it’s Matt Czuchry‘s Logan Huntzberger), Graham’s first thought was someone else.

“The first time I read it, I thought it was the wookie,” Graham, 50, told PEOPLE at the Netflix FYSee Space in Beverly Hills about the possibility that the father of Rory’s baby isn’t Logan, but that it could be the one-night stand wookie that her on-screen daughter slept with.

“I honestly never asked the question and I didn’t want the answer because I know that Amy and Alexis have an agreed upon truth. But I really methoded out on that one because I was like, ‘Lorelai didn’t know at the end and neither do I!’ ” Graham explained. “I think also, if there were ever even some sort of reunion, I would never want to blow that. Because she clearly didn’t want to leave it completely answered.”

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Fans were also left pondering about the possibility of Lorelai having children in the future, despite Scott Patterson‘s Luke Danes shutting down the idea of a “fresh kid” when the couple looked into surrogacy.

“It would not be up to me,” Graham said about whether or not Luke and Lorelai, who finally wed at the end of the revival, would have kids. “Also, I love Lorelai, but she can’t have children at older ages that are not possible for people to umm …” she said about Lorelai’s age impacting her ability to have children naturally.

“I mean, I think that what I love about that question is there’s such a kind of love for that couplehood, but you know, they were always kind of unconventional and they did things their own way and they took their time,” she said. “And I love that because I never wanted — there are many ways to be a family, and I think the way we found to do it is really satisfying.”

Needless to say, new episodes of Gilmore Girls would be a great solution to answer fans’ lingering questions.

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