Gilles Marini Says Wife Loves His Sexy Dancing

Photo: Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Dancing with the Stars heartthrob and front-runner Gilles Marini says his steamy moves on the show aren’t a problem for his wife, Carole–in fact, “she loves to see that sexiness.”

The French actor/model, who made a splash last year as Samantha’s outdoor-showering neighbor in the Sex and the City movie, says he wouldn’t be able to perform his high-energy dance routines without his wife’s support.

“Imagine if you do that job and you have a wife in the house or a husband in the house who is very kind of jealous and possessive, things would collapse,” he said in an interview with the website “If I don’t have my wife at my side I have nothing. And so she is there pushing me and always kissing me and saying, ‘I am so proud of you.’” Marini, 33, has been married to Carole for 11 years–they have a son, George, 10, and a daughter, Julianna, almost three. When Marini got the call to do DWTS early one morning, he was in bed watching Julianna bounce around in a pink tutu. “I’m on the phone with my manager, who’s asking, ‘Do you want to do this?’” he recalls. “And Julianna was dancing around, twirling around, and I said, ‘This is a sign, I have to do this.’”

But week in and week out, how is it that his wife can be so accepting of his smoldering routines with partner Cheryl Burke? “She’s French,” explains Marini. “The more sexy it is on the show the better it is for her. Tonight she told me, ‘I saw that shaking booty stuff, you’re going to have to show it to me at home.” –Alex Tresniowski

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