Teresa Giudice's 13-Year-Old Daughter, Gia, Releases Holiday Music Video

The reality star's eldest has an addition to your holiday cocktail party playlist


Did you know that Gia Giudice is in a girl group called 3KT?

Teresa Giudice‘s eldest formed the group this summer along with friends Alexa Maetta, 16, and Cristianna Cardinale, 14.

Their new video for “Season of Joy,” a blandly catchy holiday tune, has the girls dancing in synchronization in a number of festive outfits and locales, including Bryant Park, the inside of New York’s Sweet Shop and the interior of a garland- and nutcracker-bedecked home.

The auto-tune seems to have been doled out with a fairly light hand – the girls of 3KT have pretty good voices.

The girls are enterprising, too: They sought funding from Kickstarter for their “Season of Joy” video. (The campaign was pulled, however, well in advance of hitting its $7,500 goal.)

The dancing in “Season of Joy,” while somewhat provocative, however, is mild compared to their cover of Britney Spears‘s “Circus,” where the tweens sport skimpy outfits and do sexy dance moves in front of what just may be a stripper pole in the background.

That said, it’s clear that the girls had a great time shooting each of their music videos, and we’re curious to see what comes next. Given that Gia’s parents are headed for his and hers prison sentences, the girl could use a distraction in the form of some relatively harmless wish fulfillment.

(Is anyone else having flashes of Rebecca Black‘s “Friday,” though?)

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