'Ghost Adventures' ' Zak Bagans Investigates Holly Madison's Haunted L.A. Home: 'Truly Terrifying'

The latest episode, "Haunting in the Hills," with Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley is now streaming on discovery+

Holly Madison Ghost Adventures
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The Ghost Adventures crew is helping out a friend.

Model and TV personality Holly Madison has always believed her Hollywood Hills home is haunted. Now in the latest episode, "Haunting in the Hills," Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley are investigating Madison's house to try and explain the activity.

"I wanted to get her some answers because what she was telling me was terrifying, and even I would find it tough to be there alone at night," Bagans, 44, tells PEOPLE exclusively. "We need to try and figure out what or who is doing this and why."

Though Bagans was aware of Madison's past paranormal experiences at her house, he "didn't realize how severe they were until she started telling me what was going on there and what she has seen," he says. "Some of the activity she told us about could also put herself in a dangerous situation after hearing what her handyman has experienced, including claims of an attack."

One upstairs room in the home is especially disconcerting — Madison's friend and former Girls Next Door costar Bridget Marquardt, 47, even conducted a séance at the house in the past and told Bagans she saw a dark mass in the room as well.

Ghost Adventures
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"There is something about this room's energy that is different than any other area in her home," says Bagans.

During the investigation, Bagans went inside the room "and immediately began to be affected by something while something touched the top of my head," he says. "At that moment I saw a black mass darker than dark moving in front of me, like what Bridget saw. We captured it on camera and it's pretty shocking yet compelling."

Ghost Adventures
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Madison, 41, who also had previously experienced her bedroom door opening by itself, agreed to have night vision cameras rolling while she slept.

"At around 3 a.m., we captured what sounded like a voice followed by a sound as if the contents of an entire desk were angrily thrown off onto the floor. It was truly terrifying and it was hard for her to watch that footage. We could not explain this. Her house was locked and the alarm was on. She was sound asleep," says Bagans.

Bagans and his team now believe the property is haunted by a former owner. "We were able to research a name of the owner, who we discovered had other eerie connections to evidence we received," he says. "This same spirit also intelligently interacted with us on the first day by answering our questions with flickering lights in the living room and EMF spikes. Holly just has to deal with the fact that her loud and angry roommate died decades ago and won't ever leave."

Despite the activity, Madison has no intention of moving.

"All of it made me realize just how brave she is," adds Bagans. "But I also see how much she loves her house and I think the passion she has for it outweighs her fear of this ghost. I honestly don't know how she can sleep in that place alone. Most people I know couldn't do it — hell I couldn't even do it!"

Ghost Adventures' "Haunting in the Hills" is now streaming on discovery+.

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