The Oscar winner also chatted with Jimmy Kimmel about his infamous pranks

“You can get away with things that I can’t get away with.” That’s a loaded statement in and of itself, but it’s especially dangerous when it’s being said by Jimmy Kimmel to George Clooney.

The pair of famous pranksters talked about how they tend to egg each other on during Clooney’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night.

“I think, ‘Oh, [Kimmel] will do this,’ ” Clooney says of some of his more outlandish prank ideas. “And then he sends me something, going, ‘Oh, you should do this.’ ”

“And I’m like, ‘Well, why don’t you do it?’ And he’s like, ‘Because I could get arrested.’ ”

The Tomorrowland star discussed some of his historical pranks, like the time he sent Tina Fey and Amy Poehler a letter “from” Matt Damon telling him Damon was offended by one of their Golden Globes jokes. They responded with two letters; one apologizing and the other that read, “We think that this is from George Clooney.”

Elsewhere, Clooney talks about some of the concessions he made while transitioning from a longtime bachelor to a married man.

“There’s that moment when I’ve worn the same T-shirt for like for a week that she says, ‘Really?’ ” Clooney said.

“Do you think there are overall improvements?” Kimmel asked.

“There are improvements in my, uh … not really,” Clooney admitted.