Watch Teens Discover Their Self-Expression — and an Amazing Pair of Shoes to Boot — in 'Generation Drag'

PEOPLE has an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming discovery+ series, which follows five teens as they get ready for an iconic drag showcase

PEOPLE has an exclusive First Look at Generation Drag, the new discovery+ show produced by Tyra Banks that shows fabulousness doesn't have an age limit.

Generation Drag follows five teens and tweens who — with the support of their families — are preparing for Dragutante, a first-of-its-kind drag ball event for younger queens and kings who have just started their drag journeys.

"When we first heard about Dragutante and these amazing families, we knew we wanted to share their stories," Banks, 48, exclusively tells PEOPLE of spotlighting series stars Jameson, Noah, Vinny, Bailey and Nabela.

"We thought that maybe those who don't understand may begin to understand, even if it was just a little bit," she continues. "For those who shun this community, they might be able to find that these families are more like theirs than not. And for those struggling to navigate their place in the queer community, they will see they are not alone."

Adds Banks, "These teens and their families have let us into their lives so that we can learn from their journey — to laugh and cry with them and, yes, to enjoy some really amazing performances from these talented teens. We can't wait for the world to meet them. Get ready to binge-watch."

generation drag:
Vinny with his dad in the shoe store. Discovery+

In an exclusive clip, star-in-the-making Vinny goes shopping with his father to find "some drag queen shoes."

Though his dad, Mike, acknowledges he's still working through some conflicting emotions about the tween's self-expression, he is nonetheless fully supportive of his son.

"When Vinny wears women's clothes out, there are definitely times where I'm like, 'This is weird, people are gonna look at us, I don't want people looking at us like that,'" Mike says. "But it doesn't bother him, it doesn't bother his mom, so that's my problem to get through."

As the duo makes their way through the store to find the perfect shoe, Vinny — who introduced his drag persona Vinessa Shimmer in the series' trailer last month — isn't shy to share his thoughts.

"This place is amazing. I'm obsessed with this!" he says, while rummaging through the clothing racks. After settling in near the shoe racks, Vinny explains that he's looking for "either pink or heel."

"My dad's fashion sense is just 'basic dad', doesn't have a gay drag queen son. Just normal dad," Vinny tells the cameras, before noting that his dad's lack of fashion sense isn't the only challenge he'll face while shopping.

"Finding shoes is very hard because I have very large feet," Vinny explains. "Just look at these massive bricks that I carry around every day."

Adds Mike, "We can't find women's shoes in his size anymore. These are problems I never thought I had to prepare for."

After Vinny tries on a pink boot — in which he asks, "Am I wrong for loving these?" — he finally settles on the perfect pair of sparkly silver boots.

"I love them," Mike tells his son. He later acknowledges in a confessional: "I'm outside my comfort zone. I don't know anything about women's shoes. I know even less about drag ... he and I struggle to find things that we both can enjoy, so for me taking him shoe shopping, maybe it's not my thing but he's clearly having a good time so it's a good way for us to kill a few hours on a weekend."

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generation drag
Noah, Jameson, Vinny and Bailey.

Vinny's dad isn't the only parent featured on the series. As noted in a press release for the series, the other parents are also "on their own path of learning how to guide a child who wants to embrace drag, and oftentimes, they must step outside their comfort zone in an effort to be there for their children who are still finding themselves."

Banks also noted in the release that she has "such admiration and respect for these teens."

"They are bravely navigating coming into their own in a world that can be very challenging and not always accepting. What is so beautiful is seeing their parents and siblings supporting them," she said. "These teens' laser-focused tenacity inspires my team and me and we are honored to share their stories. I can't wait for these popping personalities to show their fierceness to the world."

discovery+ drops all six episodes of Generation Drag on Wednesday.

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