Gayle King Recalls Catching Her Ex-Husband in Bed with Another Woman

The CBS This Morning host divorced William Bumpus in 1993

Photo: INFphoto

More than 20 years may have passed since Gayle King‘s marriage ended, but the memories are still sharp in her mind.

In a questionnaire-style interview with Vanity Fair, the CBS This Morning host opened up about her ex-husband William Bumpus’ alleged infidelity when asked to name a living person she most despises.

” ‘Despise’ is a strong word,” replied King, 61. “I’m not a huge fan of the woman I caught naked with my now ex-husband on June 24, 1990, at 9:16 P.M. – but I don’t remember the details.”

King divorced Bumpus, a prosecutor in Connecticut, in 1993 after 11 years of marriage. The two share two adult children, daughter Kirby and son Will.

While King has said little about the split over the years, she reportedly discussed her ex with Will Smith while hosting him as a guest on her radio show back in 2006.

“I was married to a cheater,” King reportedly told Smith. “I went to marital counseling. I have been divorced since 1993, so I’m all healed and everything. I have worked it out. I’m not bitter. I’m OK. I’m really OK.”

And these days, King, while still single (“I’ll let you know just as soon as I meet [the greatest love of my life]”) is “genuinely happy,” she told Vanity Fair.

As for the qualities she most likes in a man?

“It’s a tie between height and depth,” King quipped. “And they have to have a good sense of humor.”

She also considers raising her children, “two compassionate human beings,” her greatest achievement … “though waking up at 3:20 every morning is also quite an accomplishment,” she added.

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