Gay Couple and Their Adorable Son Keep Starring in Ads Together – Watch Their Latest for Campbell's Soup

Larry Sullivan, David Monahan and their son Cooper recently starred in a Campbell's Soup commercial


Acting definitely runs in this family.

Larry Sullivan, David Monahan and their adorable son, Cooper, are among the many real-life families featured in a new Campbell’s Soup campaign dubbed "Made for Real, Real Life."

In the clip, Sullivan and Monahan take turns feeding Cooper spoonfuls of the company’s Star Wars-themed soup, each doing their best “I am your father” Darth Vader impersonation.

Campbell’s vice president of marketing activation, Yin Woon Rani, told Advertising Age that the concept behind the campaign was to show a diverse mix of American families and add “a wink and a smile” to the brand’s messaging.

This wasn’t the first commercial casting for Sullivan and Monahan, who are both professional actors.

In May, the married couple starred in a Sabra Hummus commercial together, and in 2014, the two were featured in a Target commercial with Cooper.

“They were looking for chemistry and history more than anything and I guess we just had that, naturally, after almost 14 years together,” Sullivan told Towleroad in May of how they scored the hummus ad. “They weren’t trying to make any kind of statement or anything, we just got the job as ‘another couple in one of the vignettes.’ I love how much things are changing have changed. Let’s hope we keep moving forward.”

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Both Sullivan and Monahan have appeared in dozens of roles on the big and small screens, including Modern Family and Will & Grace for Sullivan and Dexter and Revenge for Monahan.

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