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When some of our favorite TV shows ended their most recent seasons, they went out with deadly cliffhangers and shocking last-minute reveals. Now as our favorite shows return, we’re keeping tabs on the biggest questions and offering up some answers (check back as more shows premiere)!

Spoiler warning! For those who haven’t yet watched Game of ThronesYoungerOrange Is the New Black and Power, plot details will be revealed.

Orange Is the New Black
Cliffhanger: Did Dayanara (Dascha Polanco) shoot the guards during the riot?!
Spoiler! CO Humphrey (Michael Torpey) won’t be running a marathon any time soon — Daya does indeed pull the trigger and hit his leg, starting the riot at Litchfield, as Entertainment Weekly‘s Devan Coggan writes, “with a literal bang.”

Starz Entertainment

Cliffhanger: Drug kingpin Ghost (Omari Hardwick) killed his rival Milan in season 3. But now he and wife Tasha (Naturi Naughton) are faced with a new crisis — their son is being held hostage.
Spoiler! When the series returned, Ghost was behind bars as Tariq’s captors released him — all while feeding him lies to further alienate him from his dad.

TV Land

Cliffhanger: Liza (Sutton Foster) came clean to Kelsey (Hilary Duff) about her age at the end of season 3. But how will boyfriend Josh (Nico Tortorella) react to her kiss with Charles (Peter Herrmann)?
Spoiler! Liza is most certainly out in the cold for the immediate future. Duff told PEOPLE before the premiere: “It’s nice for us to start the season at being at odds with one another. It definitely takes a while for her to regain the friendship and her relationship with Liza.” And while Kelsey seems to have pledged her allegiance to Team Josh after they commiserated about Liza’s betrayals, Duff herself is having a change of heart. “This season, I might be a little more Team Charles,” she told PEOPLE. “Things have changed and I just feel like maybe Charles is the better match for Liza. It’s all very complicated.”

Game of Thrones
Cliffhanger: Cersei (Lena Headey) blew up King’s Landing and ascended to the Iron Throne in season 6. But will Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and her dragons set fire to the queen’s plans?
Spoiler! Arya added to her Red Wedding revenge list by poisoning a hall full of Freys. With no more children to leave a dynasty for, Cersei goes full unhinged-dictator by forming an alliance with Euron Greyjoy in hopes to stop the indomitable Daenerys, who finally made it to Westeros. The dragon-boasting heir to the Iron Throne got the final word of the season 7 premiere, saying, “Shall we begin?” Prepare for one epic clash of queens.

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