The violent, depraved world of Westeros just got a little more kid-friendly

By Nate Jones
April 07, 2014 11:00 AM
Credit: Courtesy Sam Tsui/Deviantart

The Disney universe wouldn’t seem to have much in common with the violent, depraved world of Game of Thrones. Sure, both have princes, castles and (occasionally) dragons, but in the seven kingdoms of Westeros, a knight in shining armor is more likely to push a kid out a window than rescue a fair maiden.

But DeviantART user DjeDjehuti noticed another core similarity: Both Disney and Game of Thrones offer a wide range of unique female characters. The prospect of a mashup was just too tempting to pass up.

See some of DjeDjehuti’s work below, and then head over to DeviantART to see the rest.

Snow White

Beyond their aesthetic similarities, DjeDjehuti picked this pair for one reason: “They both really seem to like the company of dwarves.”


The hair makes this work; otherwise, kind Aurora has little in common with the devious Lannister lady.


Credit to DjeDjehuti for nailing Margaery Tyrell’s love of roses, as well as her no-less-obvious love of cleavage.


One’s got Needle, the other’s got Stitch.


Two badass lady warriors. There’s no question that Brienne of Tarth is as swift as the coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon.


If Game of Thrones hadn’t invented the term “kissed by fire,” it would be a perfect description of Brave‘s gutsy heroine.


Your family was overthrown in a violent rebellion, leading you to spend your life as a nomad in a foreign land? Let it go!

See the rest of the Game of Thrones princesses over at DeviantART.

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