All he wants to talk about is winter, and how it's coming

By Alex Heigl
April 07, 2015 08:15 AM

Jon Snow: Good warrior, bad dinner guest.

That’s what Seth Meyers found out the hard way in this sketch from Late Night Monday, in which the host brings Kit Harington‘s soulful Game of Thrones character to a dinner party only to find out that he’s not very good at making small talk, unless it’s about how winter is coming.

Though Meyers’s late-night antics frequently take a seat to those of his fellow Saturday Night Live graduate Jimmy Fallon, this skit (with a cameo from 30 Rock‘s John Lutz!) proves that he can come up with absurdist sketches just as well as Fallon.

“The snow will fall 100 feet deep. The ice wind’ll howl out the North, the sun hides its face for years and little children will all be born and die in the darkness,” Snow/Harington intones gravely to a group of Meyers’s dinner guests. “So much for global warming,” Lutz responds weakly, before Snow/Harington continues on with detailed descriptions of just what the White Walkers and ice spiders will do to all of us.

(Honestly, before the weather picked up, this past winter had us so thoroughly demoralized, we’d’ve believed Al Roker if he told us giant ice spiders were next.)

Game of Thrones returns to HBO this Sunday.