'Game of Thrones' ' Josephine Gillan Claims Her Baby Was 'Kidnapped' by Social Services in Israel

Josephine Gillan said her eight-month-old daughter has been living with her friend while she receives therapy for post-natal depression

Josephine Gillan is asking the public for support after she claims the Israeli social services “kidnapped” her baby last week.

The Game of Thrones actress opened up about the experience on her Twitter account last Wednesday, where she revealed that her eight-month-old daughter, Gloria, had been taken by the Middle Eastern country’s officials just after midnight on Aug. 4.

Gillan, 31, said her baby had been living with a friend since she was five months old, per the decision of the Israeli social services, while she received therapy for postnatal depression.

“I’m not currently working [on Game of Thrones] as it’s finished now and I’ve been busy with motherhood,” she wrote on a GoFundMe that she started shortly after the incident. “I came to Israel to have my baby … I raised and cared for her from birth.”

“My friend has been amazing and [she] and her amazing family loves and care for my daughter Gloria with a true love to me and her,” Gillan continued.

josephine Gillan
Go Fund Me

In the campaign, the star called for the public’s help in assisting her with legal costs after she claimed that her baby was “kidnapped” and taken “to another family.”

“I’m not allowed to see her or have contact! I have no idea where she is!!” she explained. “I was not there at the time and was not aware of what they had done! It’s absolutely outrageous!”

Josephine Beth Gillan Facebook
Josephine Beth Gillan Facebook

Gillan also said that she and her friend had not done anything wrong, but also claims that her friend was threatened by police that evening to be arrested and put in jail if she did not surrender Gloria to officials.

“They marched her out with police [on] either side of her and took her away into the night!” the actress wrote.

josephine Gillan
Gloria. Go Fund Me
josephine Gillan
Josephine Gillan. josephine Gillan/instagram

The star shared a video that she says was recorded as the Israeli officials were at her friend’s home that evening.

“The disturbing moment that the #Israeli #socialservices kidnapped my baby!” she captioned the video on Twitter. “We are all heartbroken! #IsraeliCrimes #unjust”

“Nothing but sick twisted #socialworkers #socialservices trying to ruin lives and separate a baby from its mother that hasn’t done anything wrong! They kidnapped my baby!!!” Gillan added in a separate tweet.

Gillan went on to beg for the public’s financial help as she focuses on getting her daughter back and shared her devastation over the incident.

“Unfortunately the legal costs I can’t afford right now! Good lawyers are costly but worth it for my baby to have a chance of happiness and love that she deserves!” she wrote on the GoFundMe. “So I’m reaching out for donations to please help raise enough money to bring her back to where she is safe and loved!”

“No child should be without their parent! Especially if they are good and care for the child devotedly!” she continued.

“What Israeli social services have done is illegal and I’m fighting to get her back!” Gillan added. “I’m heartbroken at the moment and just want to see and be with my baby girl again.”

Police and social service officials who removed Gloria from the home were reportedly acting on a court order and temporarily placed the baby in foster care, claiming it was in Gloria’s best interest, according to the Independent.

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In a statement to The Times of Israel, the country’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services saidthe case was being handled by various departments including the ministry’s international department, which was in contact with British welfare authorities.

“Our only priority is the welfare of the baby and we are trying to find the best solution,” Israel’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services said, declining to comment on the specifics of the situation, due to the baby’s privacy.

Gillan portrayed the character of Marei on Game of Thrones from 2012-2019. Her credits also include the role of Lei in Amy and Sophia and a 2001 short called Three Way Split, according to her IMDb page.

Prior to acting, Gillan worked as a prostitute — something she has previously spoken candidly about.

Game Of Thrones saved me from a life of prostitution, and has made me a much stronger person,” she told The Daily Mail in 2016. “I was working as a w— and at the same time making X-rated movies, using the name Sophie O’Brien, when I saw an advert on a website for actresses in the film industry.”

“They were looking for young women with natural breasts and no tattoos, who didn’t mind being filmed naked. So I immediately sent in a picture,” she continued. “They wrote back that they wanted me and I was thrilled because it was an amazing opportunity to do some proper acting. But I had no idea how much it would change my life.”

Gillan has also had a difficult past. The actress’ childhood was plagued by sex abuse, alcohol, and drugs.

She attended 24 different primary schools while her mother fled a violent relationship, and was later taken into care at age 12 and then fostered, according to the Mail.

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