In a supercut of his DVD audio commentaries, the word "books" officially loses all meaning in just 90 seconds

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
Updated February 24, 2015 01:10 PM
Credit: Charles Sykes/AP

Did you know that HBO’s Game of Thrones is based on a literary saga?

Kidding, kidding. But seriously, in his GoT DVD audio commentaries, author George R.R. Martin has a tendency to point out how a certain plot point went down “in the books.”

One enterprising fan put together a supercut of every time Martin refers to “the books” during his commentaries. From season 1 to season 4, no “book” was left unturned.

Keep in mind that this supercut was comprised of just four commentaries – “The Pointy End” from season 1, “Blackwater” and “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” from season 2, and “The Lion and the Rose” from season 4.

Rhetorical question: At which point during the 90-second supercut does the word “books” actually lose all meaning?